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Future Orchestra Families,

If you have not already, NOW is the time to reserve an instrument for your child! I know it seems early but the music stores get swamped over the summer. By completing the rental paperwork, you are renting the instrument for the school year, so it doesn't change the cost to wait. Taking care of this now is the best way to guarantee you will be on the top of their delivery list so your child can have their instrument for the first day of school. We hit the ground running in that first week and I want everyone to be able to participate! You will also want to purchase the additional supplies needed for class when renting the instrument. Most of the recommended music stores deliver the instrument and supplies to Reynolds. This is preferred as I will have over 75 instruments to tune/put finger tapes on and getting those done before the school year starts means we can get to the fun part (playing!) sooner. If you have your child's instrument at home, please plan to bring it up to the school at some point before school starts so I can get it ready. The schedule walk-through day in August is a great time for this.

The recommended music stores are:
Dallas Strings
Brook Mays
Williamson Music
Music & Arts

The supply list and frequently asked questions are below.

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