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Why Take Private Lessons?

In a group setting like your child's orchestra class, your student will not be able to benefit from the maximum individual attention he/she needs. The private teacher is able to meet with your student one-on-one weekly and meet your student's individual needs, allowing each student to progress at his/her own rate of ability. Unlike tutoring, private lessons are not needed just for those students that may be struggling.  Private lessons are for every student. Students that may be struggling can get the extra help to improve, while the average to advanced players can learn more about their instrument, play more repertoire/take advantage of more performance opportunities, and receive instruction to keep them challenged outside of class. Click here to read this great article about all of the advantages of private lessons.

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

30 minute lesson - $25.00 per week
22 minute lesson - $23.00 per week

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