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Why Should I Join Orchestra?

  1. Learning to play a string instrument greatly increases your math comprehension, and spatial and pattern recognition.

  2. Music training develops language and problem-solving skills.

  3. Music training increases creativity

  4. Learning to play an instrument gives you a healthy outlet for your emotions.

  5. Music training teaches self-discipline.

  6. Students who participate in music have better social relationships.

  7. Music training develops teamwork skills.

  8. Music training builds confidence.

  9. Learning an instrument offers a way to earn extra money.

When musicians increase their skill level, they can be hired in multiple ways to earn some extra cash. Weddings, funerals, church services, and special events are all good examples. Also, students can earn scholarships to play in a college orchestra, even if they do not major in music (especially viola, cello, and bass players...especially bass players)​

10. It's FUN!​

Is there anything else to say? Learning an instrument is fun. Playing with your friends is fun. Learning new music is fun. Performing is fun. Come join us!

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